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2018 Creative Producing Lab & Fellowship - Essay Questions

1. How and why did you originate/become attached to this project? From a producing perspective, what is your vision for the film and what drives you to tell this particular story.

2. Please briefly explain your role and responsibilities in your previous producing credits (including associate, co, and executive producer credits).

3. What have you done to date to try to get this movie made? What is the current status of the project? What is your strategy for moving forward to production? If you are re-applying with a project previously submitted, please explain how the draft and/or project has evolved since we have last seen it.

4. What creative challenges and opportunities does your project present, relating to the development of the screenplay and realization into a film?

5. What are the marketplace challenges and opportunities of your project? (You may want to consider issues of financing, sales, and distribution). How would you persuade a potential investor/collaborator/supporter that your film matters and has an audience?

6. What has drawn you to producing independent films? What skills and experiences do you bring to the task – from life, education and hands-on experience? Tell us something about your background and values as they relate to your desire to produce films independently.

7. What movie has had the most profound impact on your life and why?