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2018 Creative Producing Application Instructions

We accept all application materials electronically ONLY. You will have a chance to save a work-in-progress version of your application before officially submitting.
You must sign in or create an account to access the electronic application located at


  • Candidates must have produced at least one short or feature-length narrative or documentary film, but no more than two narrative features total as lead creative producer. This does not include co, associate, or executive producer credits.

  • Candidates must have a completed, legally-optioned, scripted, narrative project in hand with a director attached to the project.

  • Candidates may not be the writer or director of submitted project.

  • Candidates must live in the United States, though the project may be filmed internationally.


What you need to complete online by FEBRUARY 6, 2018 at 5PM PST:

  • CONTACT INFO We will use the email address you provide to correspond with you moving forward. Please make sure is cleared in your spam filter!
    For technical questions, please contact

  • LOGLINE (75 word maximum)

  • SYNOPSIS (750 word maximum)

  • DIRECTOR’S ARTISTIC STATEMENT Director’s creative intent for the film, which can include the genesis of the story, particular themes of interest, and visual style. (500 word maximum)

  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (optional) Any additional information such as status of the project, attachments, or other producers attached who are not applying for the Fellowship, and their role on the project. (500 word maximum)

  • BIOS for the applying producer(s), screenwriter(s), and director(s). Please specifically list all notable credits, accolades, education, and experience. (250 word maximum each)

  • ESSAY QUESTIONS You will be asked to answer a series of seven essay questions that will allow us to better understand your point of view as a producer and also why you want to make the project you are applying with. Click here to view the essay questions. (500 word maximum each)

  • LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION Your recommender should be someone familiar with your prior creative work, such as a filmmaking colleague or professor, but does not necessarily need to be familiar with your submitted project. The recommender should not be attached to the project in any position. For example the recommender cannot be the writer, director, co-producer, cinematographer etc. You will be asked to upload a PDF of the letter of recommendation. If you are applying as a team, you can submit one joint letter or separate letters. Your letter must be received and uploaded by the deadline in order to be able to submit your full application.

  • APPLICATION FEE of $40 (credit card only)



Next Steps

Applicants will be notified on a rolling basis as to whether or not their application is progressing to the next stage of the selection process. Please be prepared to submit the following materials should you be selected for the second round beginning around March 1, 2018:

  • FULL SCRIPT Upload a PDF file of the most current draft of your script.

  • DIRECTING SAMPLE You will be asked to provide a link (and password if applicable) to a directing sample for the director attached to your project. Sample should be recent and relevant to the project you are submitting. If your project has more than 1 director, please submit a sample that reflects their work as a team and not individual samples.

  • PRODUCING SAMPLE You will be asked to provide a link (and password if applicable) to a producing sample that is recent and relevant to the project you are submitting. If you are submitting as a producing team, you can upload one sample that represents the team or individual samples.

All applicants will receive notification of their application status via e-mail no later than March 23, 2018. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we are unfortunately unable to provide any feedback on individual projects. If you have additional questions about the Sundance Creative Producing Fellowship, click here for our FAQs.

If you have further questions, please e-mail us at


The timelines for the 2018 Creative Producing Lab & Fellowship are as follows:

Selection Process

October 30, 2017

Application available online

Feb 6, 2018

Application closes

March 23, 2018

Notification of second round selections. Invitations are made on a rolling basis, and you should be prepared to submit a full draft of the script along with directing and producing samples beginning March 1, 2018.

June 8, 2018

Notification of final selections


Fellowship Year

July 1, 2018

Start of 2017 Fellowship

July 30 - Aug 2, 2018

Creative Producing Lab (Sundance Resort, Utah)

Aug 3 - Aug 5, 2018

Creative Producing Summit (Sundance Resort, Utah)

Jan 17 - Jan 27, 2019

Sundance Film Festival (Park City, Utah)

June 30, 2019

End of 2018 Fellowship


Giving Back


Should you be selected to participate in the Creative Producing Lab & Fellowship, you will be asked to continue the spirit of giving back. Since securing funding for the Institute's programs is a consistent challenge, we request that Lab Alumni whose projects are produced, contribute to the Institute's work to support new generations of emerging filmmakers. Projects supported by the Creative Producing Lab & Fellowship are asked to contribute 0.25% of their production budget calculated after the first $1 million (e.g. if your film is produced for $1.2 million, the fee due to the Institute would be $500).


Additionally, Lab Alumni are asked to recognize the Fellowship with the credit, "Developed with the assistance of the Sundance Institute Feature Film Creative Producing Fellowship." Any revenue that is designated to Sundance Institute is allocated to the Feature Film Program and is used on an annual basis to provide critical support for the Labs. Your ability to give back really makes a difference.